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The SEGA Tech department will issue this sticker to the competitor that has achieved 100% compliance with the 2024 SEGA rules package.
--A competitor is NOT required to have this sticker to compete.
--Non performance infractions will NOT prevent a competitor from racing. E.g. Non-period correct gauges. Non painted parts...etc.
--Performance infractions WILL prevent a competitor from racing until corrected. E.g. Incorrect ride height, incorrect weight etc.
--The SEGA Tech certified sticker is an indicator to all, that you have complied with the most strict set of standards in nostalgia drag racing.
--Issuance of this sticker does NOT exclude your car from future inspections by the SEGA Technical department.

The newly restructured “Competition Committee” will be your tech support for the 2024 SEGA Championship Season! We’re proud to officially announce the additions of John Leidich and Samuel “Sammy” Gable to join our current SEGA Race Director, Randy Edmonds. Sammy is our new Technical Director, and John is joining us as Technical Inspector. Please welcome these men as they have been very hard at work on the 2024 rule packages.
The Southeast Gassers Association functions daily around a panel of seven that are driven to provide the best 1960’s drag racing on the planet. We certainly appreciate your support as we begin to kick off the 2024 championship season!

Leslie Horne (Owner)
Wayne Swofford (Operating Partner)
Randy Edmonds (Race Director)
Rocky Platt (Operations Director)
Samuel Gable (Technical Director)
John Leidich (Technical Inspector)
Stephen Smith (Social Media Marketing/Merch)

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