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WINNERS 6/27/20
Mooresville, NC Dragway
Super Stock: Rick Cathcart
C/Gas: Charlie Lee
B/Gas: TJ York
A/Gas: Alan Gaulden

The Southeast Gassers Association is a group of racers who want to race and win. Drive the car, build the car and run it without all the electronic aids that have turned the majority of racing into riders in robots. In addition to true racing, the adherence to rules from the 60’s make it really astounding. -Roger Richards


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Caleb Sewell - 6/29/2020

Checkout Caleb's Mooresville Dragway Photo's at Caleb's Facebook or

The Southeast Gassers Association was in Mooresville, NC for their second race of the 2020 Season. Saying we had a fun race day would just be a massive understatement. It was absolutely an incredible day in every class.
Here are just a few highlights:
**Cynthia Phillips made it to her first ever finals round and let me tell you, I have never seen more people at the starting line in my entire time with The Southeast Gassers. She was however defeated by Charlie Lee but it was a race that nobody wanted to miss.
**A bounty was put on Kenneth Phillips. Anyone that could take him out would win $300. Alan Gaulden did just that in an incredible Corvette battle.
**TJ York took home the trophy for his second win in a row in B/Gas. At the last race, he mentioned in an interview that he rebuilt the car to beat Freebird. Funny enough, these two went head to head in the finals and TJ managed to do just that.
**Rick Cathcart is fresh into Super Stock this year and pulled out his very first win by taking out Tommy Luther in the finals. This is the first Super Stock Finals in quite some time that have not included Robert Peffley or Mark Hackett.
Many thanks to our trophy girl Jenna.
Also, I must give a special shout out to our banner girls Bryn, Meryt, and Madi! The Winner Circle just wouldn't be the same without our whole crew helping out! 
As always, we would like to thank all of the fans for coming out and joining as you are what keeps all of this going.
Come and join us at the next stop in Lyons, IN on 7/25!!!

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29 year oldZeke Goodrichfrom Huntington WV worked over 3,000 hours the last several years at his job as an Industrial Insulator to save the money to build his gasser. Zeke's love for racing came from his dadJon Goodrichtelling him stories about his Uncle Joe Goodrich racing in the 70's.
As Zeke got older he wanted some cool stories of his own, so the search was on for a foundation to build an old school gasser. Zeke's hot rod passion has been show cars but this time it had to be a solid built race car that could be abused on the drag strip. His search lead him to a rusty 63 ford Falcon body shell.
Zeke started doing research looking for a set of rules to build to and found over 30 different nostalgic racing groups in the country. After digging into the rules from each group he said he liked the strict rules and real racing format theSoutheast Gassers Associationhad in place. So with the SEGA rules in hand Zeke took the Falcon body to Joez Rodz a hot rod business uncle Joe owns. Once there Zeke and uncle Joe went to work building the chassis, roll bar, suspension and sheet metal. With Joe's old school racing experience together the two enjoyed building the car like Joe built his own drag cars so many years ago.
Once all the chassis work was done Zeke took the car back to his grandfathers old shop where many old family hot rods had been built in the past. Even tho Zeke had never painted a car he wanted to do all the paint work himself so he draped plastic around in the shop to make a poor man's paint booth. One of the old school techniques Zeke used in painting the lace was to have soot from a torch in the paint. The only torch Zeke had was an old camping tiki torch so as hot rodders do he made do with what he had. Problem was a rag got to close to the torch and caught fire with paint fumes in the shop, it was almost a bad day but luckily he got it put out before any damage was done. During all of this famous ford guyJimmy Huff was building a 320 inch small block Ford engine to fit the SEGA C/Gas class. When it came time to put it all together Uncle Charles Browning was a really big help with the technical stuff like setting up the clutch and such. Zeke's dad Jon helped in the shop and helped Zeke when he got stumped during the build.
It's been a 3 year project at night and weekends with a lot of friends and family involvement but it's now finished and ready for it's debut.

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