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2020 - SEGA BUGS in Action

Southeast Gassers

Warning, longer post..since posting a lot more of our racing life lately I have been asked a couple times by people not familiar with racing how I feel about having other women in the pics with our car…my response is always, “doesn’t it look beautiful”. These ladies are an important part of the SEGA Championship Series. TJ and I appreciate them tremendously. The SEGA Back Up Girls aka BUGS are present at every race and some of them are on the starting line in the beat down heat for 6+ hours while the rest of us run for some shade and air conditioning in between runs. They are Wives, Moms, Aunts, Friends and Family. They make sure these cars are lined up in the water box to create a great burnout and make sure they are “in the groove” when backing or pulling them up to the line. Tj has even said he can feel BUG Elizabeth Noel pulling back on his car to make sure he is lined up at the tree. These ladies also work with the track employees at the starting line…they know what these driver’s like and need and they know that a slick starting line keeps these required wheel standing cars grounded. Some of them pull double duty as BUG and driver and many even help work on the cars. Bottom line, many of these drivers trust and depend on these ladies as part of their team to help them get to the next round.--Kelly Cribs York