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We at the Southeast Gassers Association share a passion for representing drag racing as it was in the 1960’s. In doing so, we must be very strict on the rules of what will and what will not be allowed with in the association. We understand that several nostalgia themed racing associations are already in existence, and we are striving to be different by not allowing some of the commonly used modern parts to infiltrate our cars. We desire for our cars to represent the gassers of the 1960’s as close as possible.  This means exciting wheels up launches, drivers banging gears with their four speeds, as well as the car’s appearance while sitting in the pits. The 1960’s produced some of the most exciting times in drag racing history and we are doing our best to preserve those times at the track. We welcome anyone to look at our rules, build a gasser within the guidelines, and come have fun with us.

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Saturday, May 5 All Day
Saturday, May 26 All Day
Saturday, Jun 9 All Day
Saturday, Jun 30 All Day

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