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Danny Sandlin - Wild Child - Blue Ridge, SC. 

I consider myself lucky to have been reared in the South. Like most folks from the South, I was only aware of two types of racing. One was the local dirt track and the other one being drag racing. I have always loved drag racing; the tire smoking burnouts are so cool for me. Like a lot of young hot rodders I began street racing with my daily driven hot rod. We would meet at the local “secret” places and race for fun in the late hours of the night. I can remember sneaking into Greer after they had closed for some match races on the track as well. This eventually turned into me having my own race car and campaigning it at the local tracks like Greer and Ware Shoals. After this I turned my attention to boat racing. I started out in a flat bottom and ended up racing a hydro before returning to my roots.

Once I began seeing Quain’s group of the South East Gassers I knew that I wanted to be involved. I toyed with the idea of building a gasser until I heard that Quain was also going to revive the 1960s front engine dragsters. I recently purchased a true 1960s front engine rail from Quain and will be running it along with his gassers in the coming season at their booked in shows. Quain hopes that our front engine rails will bring back some of the old guys that once watched and ran these wild machines. I am excited to see where I end up next!

Car Specs:


Make: Chevy

Model: Front Engine Dragster

Year: 1967

Time to Complete: Work in progress.


Type of Paint: Nason

Color: Black, Copper, Copper Lace

Painter: RA Customs

Special Paint Work: Charles Tyre


Black Rolled & Pleated


Year: 1967

Model: 327

Displacement: 331 CI

Details: Hilborn Fuel Injection


Make/Year: 1967

Type: Front Engine Rail

Alterations: Some

Built By: Quain Stott, Danny Sandlin, Adam Thornburg


2 Speed Power Glide


8 ¾ Pontiac


Front: Type and Size

CHENG SHIN 225 x 17 33L

Rear: Type and Size

15 x 31 x 10.5 Slicks