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Sunshine Express

Sonee Hall - Bristol, TN.

      This car is a recreation of the Anglia I raced in the 60’s and early 70’s. The body was located in Reading, PA where it was stored for many years after the top had been chopped and set-up for an early Chevy small block. I constructed the car using as many period-correct parts that I could locate. But, the car was built to be up-to-date with the present day safety regulations.

Charlotte Mahan is crew chief, co-constructor, pit crew, chief cook and bottle washer, etc…..

The car runs representing “Craft’s Garage” in Roanoke, VA.

Car Specs:


Make: Ford

Model: Anglia

Year: 1951

Time to Complete: 2 Years


Type of Paint: PPG Base Coat/Clear Coat

Color: Sunburst Metallic Bronze

Painter: Steve Summey (Applied Color Coat)/Eldridge Auto, Rogersville, TN

Special Paint Work: Lettering by Travis Raleigh, Mount Carmel, TN


Details: Annette Peavler installed the pleated bronze metal flake and pearl white

naugahyde interior like she did in the 60’s.


Year: 1967

Model: Chevrolet

Displacement: 427 Cubic Inches

Details: All GM except Holley intake and Vertex magneto


Make/Year: Original (Reinforced) with 12 point roll cage


Alterations: 1940 Ford front axle, top chopped 3” with the windshield laid back,

the car can be all steel or steel with fiberglass front end, doors, rear

fenders and trunk lid. Has tilt front end.

(If it has lettering on it – it’s fiberglass)

Built By: Sonee Hall


Details: 4 Speed T101 (G-Force) with Ram clutch


Details: 1957 Ford 9” with ladder bars and leaf springs


Front: Type and Size American Racing Wheels (Torque Thrust D)

Rear: Type and Size American Racing Wheels (Torque Thrust D)