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Tony Turner - Cumming, GA.

I have been going to watch the SEG races for several years now and kept saying I want to build one of those cars. Well last August I finally put my words into action and found a 1939 Dodge on Craigslist. Over the course of 9 months with plenty of help from friends and club members, the car made its goal of running at the Greer season opener May 2 2015. It was a very long 9 months of trial and error building a race car – something I have never done before. The engine was a lot of the work. The 392 Hemi was found in a junk yard that was crushing out cars. My buddy Chad went there to find some trim for his car and he called me and said “There’s a 392 up here and these guys are crushing everything as fast as they can go – better hurry”.  It turned out the junkyard guy was in country band and he sang songs to us while we loaded the 700+ lb engine. Then the engine work began, the block is ½ filled with hard block and is running a main girdle. The heads were ported by Nick Smithberg to flow 370cfm on the intake side. I did all the engine assembly myself while Brady Engine and Machine prepped the block,  Johnny Thomas helped me fit the pistons when Wiseco couldn’t figure out how to make a 1958 Hemi piston LOL.  With the 8 stack injection, the engine will spin to 8 grand in a flash!  The rear bumper is from a gasser called Pronto that ran in the Atlanta area in the 60’s, its cool but man is it heavy.  The rear wheels are Romeo Palamides and the fronts are Halibrand Champs. This year being my first year at racing it should be interesting. My goal is to not blow anything up! Hemi parts are hard to come by. My only tow vehicle is a 1948 Ford Sedan Delivery, you might see us towing around the South, honk if you do! It’s a real honor to be in this group of friends and talented racers. 

Car Specs:


Make: Dodge Business Coupe

Year: 1939

Time to Complete: 9 Months


Color: Primer for now (Grey, Black, Brown and Green)


Special: Russ Pendley painted lettering, Quick n Dirty design by Andres Montgomery out of Canada. All hand painted. 

Body Prep: 


Details: Completely removed the stock steel floor and firewall, set the engine back 10% skinned the interior with aluminum. 


Year: 1958

Model: Chrysler Hemi

Displacement: 392

Details: 392 ci Bored .030 - Using original crank, 12:1 compression. Heads ported by Smithberg Racing. Enderl 8 Stack injection from Alkydigger. Solid lifter roller cam - .700" lift (Thats a lot on a HEMI!)


Make/Year: 1939 Dodge

Type: Straight Axle

Details: Removed original spring front end and 

Buider: Tony Turner


Hightower 4 Speed


9 inch Ford


Front: 15x4 Halibrand Champ Magnesium

Rear: 15x8 Romeo Palimides - Hoosier Slicks