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Quain Stott - Columbus, NC. 

A seasoned veteran of drag racing with 40 years of experience. His experience has allowed him to be a competitive one man operation for many years. He builds his own cars, drive his own hauler, then tunes and races his hot rod at the track. This is unheard of in today’s ultra-expensive and competitive professional classes. With countless race wins, a 20 year string of top 10 finishes, and the 2006 IHRA Pro-Modified World Championship, Quain states; "I feel that I have truly been successful in doing what I love." The thing that he is most proud of is the fact that he won the Car Craft Magazine All-Star Pro Mod Driver of the year in 2001. This was very special to him as it’s voted on by the magazine readers and fans. Quain was also voted # 11 in the top pro mod driver's of all time.

He chose the 1941 Willys due to the fact that his childhood hero, Gene Cromer, always raced a Willys back in the gasser wars of the 60s and early 70s. Quain built his car as close to the 60s era rules as he could while still being conscious of today’s safety and technical regulations. 

Quain says "I have always loved a high winding hot rod with a 4 speed and that’s what I run. This car is probably my favorite hot rod of all the ones that I’ve ever owned. It’s not as fast as my pro mod car but it’s a lot harder to drive and a lot more fun to race!”

You can see the entire build thread from Quain’s Willys gasser here

Car Specs


Make: Willys

Year: 1941

Time to Complete: 3 months


Color: White base with Blue 1960’s lace

Painter: Jackie Nodine

Special Paint Work: Charlie Tyre

Body Prep: Randall Gilliam, David Green


Aluminum interior with rolled and pleated door panels and seat covers. 


Year: 1965

Model: Chevrolet

Displacement: 331


Make/Year: Square tube

Type: Custom

Built By: Quain Stott


Hightower H-Pattern 4 Speed


9 inch Ford


Front: 15x4 Magnesium

Rear: 15x10 Magnesium